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ArticleTitleHappiness and community: UN Happiness Report 2019
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TagsGesellschaft · Zufriedenheit · Happiness · English Content · Lebensqualitäten
TrendsLebensqualitäten Megatrend
TitleUN Happiness Report
ArticleShortTextRecent studies within the science of happiness show that well-being and the quality of people’s lives can be linked by a set of subjective factors that are referred to as “happiness”. The 7th World Happiness Report has happiness and community as central theme: how has happiness been changing over the past dozen years, and how information technology, governance and social norms influence communities. Communication and human interaction in everyday life such as schools and workplaces, neighbourhoods, or virtual communication is one of the fastest changing aspects in a rapidly changing world.
ArticleText====Main factors influencing happiness==== The report presents country rankings of life evaluations, and moreover main factors that influence happiness: these influences are seen in the way communities make interactions with each other: 1) From empirical linkages between measures of a national government and national average happiness, one can also find the linkage between the happiness of citizens and their voting behavior. 2) In happiness research one will often find the power of pro-social behavior for one’s individual perceived happiness. The link between generosity and and pro-social activities also demonstrates that there are communities who promote pro-social behavior and could therefore be named happy places to live. 3) Information technology also plays an important role in the report: how does digital technology affect the perceived happiness? How is the phenomenon of big data influencing our lives? And how to deal with the epidemic of mass addictions that can be observed in the United States? Find all the reports linking communication, human interaction, technology in communities to happiness research here: http://worldhappiness.report/