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  • Herausgeber*In: European Broadcasting Agency (EBU)
  • Titel: Generation-What-Zitat-EBU
  • Ort / Jahr: Wien / 2020
  • Inhaltstyp: Graue Literatur/Bericht/Report
  • Zitierhilfe (Zitatstile & BibTEX)


European Broadcasting Agency (EBU) | Generation What National Reports

"Engaging with youngsters is a challenge all institutions face today, whether it be politics, education, media or other. An impossible task some say. Therefore the European Broadcasting Union is proud to have brought together 18 Members in 14 countries for the Generation What project which launched in April 2016 and gave a voice to this generation, a generation with a optimistic perspective of the future, as it turns out." -Generation What National Reports PDF S 3 Zur Quelle....